Who We Are

The Open Institute of Technology and Education(OITED) is a pioneer in providing accessible, flexible and affordable education through the open education model. Established in 2020, our institute has been committed to democratizing education, breaking down geographical barriers, and providing a diverse range of learners with the opportunity to attain continuous and professional training.

Open Institute of Technology and Education offers a wide range of Career/Professional Development programs across various disciplines. Our online mode of education caters to a diverse student population, allowing them to balance their education with professional and personal commitments. Our faculty comprises experienced educators who are experts in their respective fields, and our online infrastructure ensures a seamless learning experience for our students.

Our online mode of delivery is designed to meet the highest standards in distance education. We employ cutting-edge technologies and innovative instructional design to engage students effectively. The learning management system (LMS) facilitates interactive discussions, multimedia content delivery, and assessment tools that ensure rigorous evaluation of student performance. Our dedicated support services, including academic advising and technical assistance, contribute to the overall success of our students.

To ensure the quality of our programs, we have implemented a robust system of internal quality assurance. Regular program reviews, faculty development initiatives, and continuous improvement processes are in place. We adhere to industry best practices and comply with national and international standards for online education.

The institute is registered with the Commission for Technical and Vocational Education and Training(COTVET) of the Ministry of Education of Ghana.

Our motto; Identity, Innovation, and Integrity 

The President

Mr. Zacciah Kwaku Adom-Oduro is the founder and President of the Institute. A technology Entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in education and information technology Services. He is passionate about leveraging technology to provide quality, accessible and affordable education for everyone. this passion has manifested in a desire to train human capital with skills that make them relevant in the industry or enable them to be self-employed through freelancing activities.

Mr. Adom-oduro holds an MSc in Digital Forensics and Information Security from the world’s first Forensic Science University, the National forensic Sciences University Gujarat India. A Masters Degree¬† in Business Administration specializing in Technology Management from the Assam Don Bosco University, India

He is a proud Amitian(Amity University) and an alumnus of Accra Technical University

Mr. Adom-oduro is a professional member of the British Computer Society-The Chartered Institute for IT professionals.

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